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E.R.D. “The Purveyor of All Chauvinistic American Good”

Who Dares Wins

Just open your eyes and see that life is beautiful
9 May 1979
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Dan's rules to live by

Rule 1: Loyalty above all else, except honor.
Rule 2: Just open your eyes and see that life is beautiful. (Nikki Sixx, Sixx A.M.)
Rule 3: It's always better to have a friend or even just a acquaintance than a enemy.
Rule 4: Don't be a doormat, but there is no need to be a asshole just for the sake of being a asshole.
Rule 5: Judgmental assholes and their opinions don't matter
Rule 6: Learn from the past, but leave it in the past.
Rule 7: Go for it if you want it, always give your all and don’t let anyone or anything get in your way.
Rule 7a: However, always know when the situation is lost, and when to walk away… there is no shame in striking out, but there is no honor in never taking your turn at the plate.
Rule 8: Be willing to compromise but never settle.
Rule 9: Focus, Remember Fundamentals, Have Fun. (Hat Tip to The late great Warren Strelow American "Miracle on Ice" and San Jose Sharks Goaltending coach.)
Rule 10: Always make sure to focus on the small details, missing one can throw everything off.
Rule 11: Use what you have, and be who you are.